Kuriosity Concept Store

DesignerLip Chiong
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
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Entry Description

Kuriosity comprises an online webstore linked to this first physical store that showcases a selection of fashion, design, artisanal products and art work. Inspired by 17th century “cabinets of curiosity” where extraordinary objects found by explorers were showcased, Kuriosity store is conceived as an immersive room of open showcases that reveal “treasures” within. More than a typical retail store, Kuriosity is a curated experience of discovery where products on display are supplemented with an additional layer of rich interactive digital media serving to attract and engage with the customer. Kuriosity’s iconic storefront overhead logo box features backlit logos in 4 faces of seemingly infinite depth and it emits a multi-coloured light shower on customers signalling entrance as they enter. Kuriosity’s accompanying iconic window display room changes colour to attract and when customers walk by, hidden products in boxes behind the seemingly infinite glass portals are lit and revealed inviting people to come step in.