Rebranding Radeon

CompanyBrand & Deliver Marketing LTD
ClientRob Pratt
DesignerBrand & Deliver for AMD Radeon
Prize3rd Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
Entry Description

Our brief was to rebrand tech giant Radeon to reflect its new goals and aspirations. Graphics cards are vital for playing the latest high-end games and constitute a multi-billion dollar industry. Radeon – owned by micro-processor giant AMD - is a key player in this arena, but in recent years had been on the back foot and, worse still, its position was slipping. Radeon recognised that its products appeal to a much broader audience than the industry currently targets and it was our job to reflect this in the branding. We did this by realigning Radeon with companies in the consumer tech market; companies such as Google, Nest or Apple. It meant a simple wordmark with a hidden element, subtle design direction that included minimal layouts and a stripped back colour palette with lots of white space to allow the content to breathe.