E620ST Predator - A Legendary Fitness Encounter

CompanyFirst Degree Fitness (FDF)
ClientMichael Gearon
DesignerFirst Degree Fitness (FDF)
Prize2nd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment
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Entry Description

The E620ST Predator has been constructed for high intensity, powerful workouts. Commercial-grade and CrossFit ready, this standing upper body ergometer (UBE) offers heavy duty performance that can withstand even the most demanding fitness levels. From its step-on design, small footprint and wide foot plates, the user benefits from rapid access and total stability as power is transmitted from the ground up. Perfect for circuit training as well as CrossFit, the Predator’s bullet-proof design aims to achieve an all- round body workout with integrated movement of the user’s core and upper body. Whether you are a veteran, athlete or somewhere in between, the Predator has been designed to target strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance. An eye-catching UBE, the Predator features FDF’s patented fluid Innovation technology with 20 levels of intense fluid resistance and continuous catch on the arm cycle, even with rapid change of direction.