Chaoyang Joy City 2F Shoes Retail Area

CompanyGARDE CO., LTD.
ClientMasahito Kamekawa
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Renovation
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Entry Description

The renewed space was originally a semi-closed 890sqm area. The concept of “Gravity and Magnetism” was born from the reflection on how to induce the customers' behavior while giving more visibility to the products and make the circulation smoother using an original design. The concept of gravity is expressed by the shelves being the planets and the customers the comets. They approach the planets, orbit around them and then smoothly go onto the next planet. The rings near the ceiling represent the planetary rings system. The area being an open space made it difficult to stock the merchandize. The optimized size of those huge spherical shelves acting as the planets, gives more stocking space. This new disposition gives customers access to more products and decreases the psychological wall created by the usual L-shaped or U-shaped stands. Customers will naturally look around and it will give more visibility to the brands.