Secret Garden

CompanyBIJOUMONTRE, Switzerland
ClientElise PERROT
Prize2nd Place in Accessory / Watches
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Entry Description

The collection captures the beauty of enchanting gardens and the elegance of mother earth in designs, which perfectly complement a woman’s beauty. The designs are inspired by the four seasons and their deep bond with the quintessence of time; ever-changing, inevitably in perfect accord. They are materialized through innovation in both form and function. Interchangeable sets of so-called called “Charms” embody the four seasons, with imagery of flora and fauna being brought to life through nacre, diamonds and topaz. The 38mm watch-case is encircled with 70 white diamonds, which accentuate the vivid colors of the Charms. Each watch educes an alluring space of precious fragility in between the tradition of timekeeping and the essence of nature. Delicate leather straps complete the overall compositions. By materializing the affiliation of time and nature on the wrist of the wearer, this collection stands as an innovation in form, function and finesse.