Science Gallery London Hoardings

ClientRobert Sherburn
DesignerRobert Sherburn
Prize2nd Place in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays
Entry Description

Science Gallery London (SGL) tasked us with designing a perimeter hoarding for its London Bridge site to build interest and engagement ahead of its 2018 opening. We conceived a large cyber eye as the key visual device to penetrate the crowds of passers-by, the initial spark of inspiration for which came from the VoiIght-Kampff machine test scene in the 1982 Sci-Fi film Blade Runner. This presented the perfect cultural reference point, as it aligned with SGL’s raison d'être as a place where science and art collide. The eye's bright yellow backdrop and its strategic positioning further enhance its impact, maximising the visual effect on crowds descending down the escalator towards the site. The eye design inspired SGL to run a hackathon (#Eyehack) inviting designers and coders to build an augmented reality 'blip' that could be seen by passers- by who blipped the hoardings using the Blippar image recognition app.

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