IBM Watson Health

CompanyThe Switzer Group
ClientLuc Massaux
DesignerLuc Massaux
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The Design approach was to create a blank canvas from which IBM could operate in an ever-changing environment, one that is fluid and expansive rather than static and fixed. To represent Watson’s capabilities, The Switzer Group designed a total sensory experience on the office’s first floor. A 32 ft. video wall equipped with Oblong Industries’ futuristic Mezzanine ™ system allows visitors to move data from one screen to another with a wave of their hand. The auditorium hosts micro-tiled screens and integrated conference systems for telecommunication. The security command center is a redundancy system which is part of IBM’s cyber security plan. The primary goal at Watson Health was to create a spirit of excitement, openness and collaboration in order to move IBM’s business forward and help introduce Watson to developers in the healthcare industry.  The real challenge was creating an agile environment that allows researchers and innovators to find quiet areas.