Marriott Asia Pacific Headquarters

DesignerChris Browne
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
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Entry Description

As workplace lines blur between office, home, cafe, & hotel, our client’s new Asia HQ needed to offer transient teams a connection point & identity; while cutting back under utilized space. The solution was to create a semi open-plan team based workplace language, through using rooms & storage to landscape smaller domestic scale areas. Each team then had an individualized space within an agreed range of planning, lighting, ceiling, flooring, & furniture types. The cut from 90 to 9 private rooms was balanced with a mix of new collaborative room types being bookable. A ‘hub’ space was added at the entry point, where the notion of ‘reception’ changed to ‘help center’ + ‘Barista coffee point'; along with a large lounge where staff could come together, have lunch….or just find a quiet spot. In the process a new sociable semi-open workplace was created, where people can come together to share experiences.