Aritco HomeLift

CompanyLervik Design AB
ClientAlexander Lervik
DesignerAritco Lift AB - 556316-6114 is the owner and producer of the product, Aritco HomeLift. Lervik Design AB (Alexander Lervik) - 55617-0303 is the external partner and main designer of the Aritco HomeLift.
Prize1st Place in Other Products designs
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Entry Description

Because Aritco HomeLift is customizable and efficient design. It is the first lift that is designed with the homeowner and the private residence in focus. Thanks to innovative engineering and a close cooperation with the Swedish furniture and interior designer Alexander Lervik the lift is not only a problem solver, but real piece of art in your home. With the Aritco SmartLift app installed on your phone you can easily set the lighting in the lift and the DesignWall to fit your mode. The lift will notify the homeowner, via the SmartLift app, when service is needed. The Aritco HomeLift with both safety and reliability in focus; to meet all kinds of situations that can occur in a home, as well as prevent accidents. All safety is included in our SmartSafety system. The Aritco HomeLift is 95% recyclable and has a lower energy consumption than an average washing machine.