New Moon

DesignerAlex Bocchi, Alex Bocchi Design Studio
Prize3rd Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

Inspiration of the floor lamp is based on Eastern philosophy concepts such as equilibrium and nature. The lamp pass through the idea of dynamism of the time and instability conditions. The asymmetric position of the lighting source give to the observer the sensation of uncertain equilibrium where a small change of conditions can inevitably modify the next event keeping the user waiting an external force to change the light source position to a stable condition. The lamp is an operation of analogy between the mystic figure of the moon and the object of the lamp. New Moon is made by essential gesture where the circle, a symbol full of power and meanings, give to the users a nice feeling of calm. The lamp characterize the space bringing a reminiscence of a large scale element, such as the moon, into the warm ambient, the home, with its minimalistic and iconic presence.

About Designer

Alex born in Orzinuovi (Italy), Architectural Engineer on the paper, professional dreamer in daily life. Afterwards he has been graduated in Architectural Engineering in Brescia and working experiences in Portugal, Spain and Japan he come back to Italy, homeland of Design, to starts his career. He is currently living in Italy where he is working as freelance in architectural and design fields and collaborating with the young Italian architectural and BIM offices. He has passionate of both handcraft works and computer graphics/modeling, his research is a permanent investigation in pure beauty, harmony and balance in proportions using the materials and resources as wisely as possible. His works feel the influence of different experiences and fields of arts, but not only.