Pre-function areas, Marriott Charles de Gaulle

CompanyVirserius Studio
ClientTherese Virserius
DesignerVirserius Studio
Prize3rd Place in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

Virserius Studio was secured to revitalize the pre-function area, sales office, meeting rooms and ballrooms. The project began in January 2016, with construction completed the second week in September. Design, development, purchasing and construction took 8.5 months. Given the strict budget, Virserius Studio had to be very resourceful, while the end result still had to retain its aesthetic integrity. Among the hotel’s highlights is the custom-made furniture and flooring, all designed by Virserius Studio specifically for the Marriott Charles de Gaulle. The ocean of lamps in the ceiling of the pre-function area, comprising lighting spheres of varying sizes, bring an element of surprise. The strong architectural elements from wall to to ceiling were conceived to break the length of the space. Notable in the meeting rooms are the neutral- colored walls with writable spaces, contrasted by the black with the orange chairs.