DesignerChen-Yuan Kao,DE GUANG DIGITAL DESIGN CO LTD. Yi-hana Chen, Product Designer, Da-Yeh University, Adviser:WU MIN SHU, Assistant Professor.
Prize1st Place in Design For Society / Design for Sustainability
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Entry Description

The design of “PMP- PAPER MAKER PRODUCT” not only includes the forms and styles, but also the appraisal of direction and methods for how to solve the problem of environment and society during the designation progress. For example, the waste of inaugural papers was declined by 3D Printing Recycled Paper for recycle and reuse purpose. We have re-considered the original idea of designation to seek the design which is profitable to human beings under the modern design based on forms and styles.

About Designer

DE GUANG DIGITAL DESIGN CO. LTD. is a company which serves augmented reality, industrial design services. We are the creative group which specialized the media based on visual and digitized platform and combined by a group of three people with professional skills and capacity. We try to present the Interactive Technology on particular platform through internet. DE GUANG DIGITAL DESIGN enjoys the challenge of new technology and creates the bridge of up-to-date visual language between technology and applicability to generate the new interaction between human beings and computers.