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Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
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“inovas,” where innovation is born This global hub of research and human resources development is the focal point for researchers from all over the world and within and outside the company to come together and explore new and original ideas in the areas of the environment, new energy, and life sciences. Of paramount importance to innovation are spaces that can daily inspire awareness, encounters, and diverse workstyles and activities. Intentional and diverse opportunities to communicate can be created in this blend of spaces and office areas to shape human resources against a design of organically-coordinated zones between the atrium garden and countless niche spaces. With the intention of leaving room for individuals to interact in these spaces in his or her distinctive way, today, each niche and garden is naturally customized by users to inspire and stimulate the imagination and allow new ideas to form. “inovas” = Coined from “innovation” + “novas" (in Latin) 

About Designer

NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD: Nikken Sekkei is a professional services firm engaging in architectural design, supervision and urban design, as well as related research, planning and consulting activities. Under our corporate vision of "more than creative," through the collaborative efforts of our in-house architects, designers, engineers, planners, and consultants, we provide designs and solutions that are both creative and feasible. For over 110 years since the foundation of our company in 1900, we have responded to the demands of society and the various requests of our clients with the aim of contributing to the creation of better buildings and social environments. The Nikken Group as a whole has been entrusted with in the order of 25,000 projects throughout not only Japan but some 50 other countries as well, covering a broad range of areas including master plans and mixed-use developments, transportation (airports and railway stations), offices, R&D, education and culture, production and logistics, health care and welfare, commerce, hotels, and residential complexes. NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD: Originally established as the interior design department of NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD, Nikken Space Design (NSD) has more than 60 years of experience in the field. As a part of the Nikken group since 1994, NSD now works not only with Nikken Sekkei but is also in partnership with various architects and artists. With 60 highly experienced designers, NSD is currently working on numerous design projects for Japanese and international clients. NSD’s wide range of projects cover interior design for hotels, high–rise offices, retail complexes, hospitals, educational institutions, restaurants, shops and even private residences. As a result, the company can accommodate all kinds of clients’ needs. One of NSD’s main principles is to bring high quality solutions in interior design, specifying furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E).