DesignerPhilip Tang & Brian Ip
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

The Pavilia Bay Sales Office, located at Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, is designed into a world-class prestigious shipyard, with the notion of breaking through ordinary design by a distinctive simulation. While the intriguing narration of yacht purchase acts as the main concept, elements of shipyard are integrated into each area, including the entrance, model zone, theatre, sales hall, visual reality room, corridor, lift lobby and show flat, in an interactive way to fill the spatial experience with surprises and fascinations. Raising sounds of breaking waves shall first greet the customers and lead them through a tunnel with refracted lights of ripples. Behind the door, the steady sound of antique clock celebrates the masculinity and the materiality of metal of shipyard. A spectacular yacht, carrying the model of the Pavilia Bay, towers in the model zone, followed by three informative videos as an astonishing welcome for the guests.