CompanySanjay Newaskar Designs LLP
DesignerSanjay Newaskar Designs LLP.
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

The basic concept of the pent house was to create a different atmosphere with the help of sun and its shadows. The lattice work, trapezoid panels, and curtains are used to create the play of light and shadows throughout the day according to the changes in positions of the sun. An attempt is made to play with a non orthogonal geometry, an exercise involving volumes and sections that arise out of a response to the sun path. Entering the house through a single-height lobby and proceeding past the guest suite, kitchen and dining areas, there is a dramatic expansion into a soaring double-height living area overlooking the living area with attached terrace. Horizontal louvers are used in windows creating an intriguing pattern of shadows within the spaces.

About Designer

Sanjay Newaskar (Principal Designer 1) - Sanjay Newaskar Designs LLP). Born in 1969 in Pune, Maharashtra, India; Sanjay Newaskar had hobbies like Art & Craft, Sketching and Drawing since his childhood. Hobbies and Interests turned into career; He completed his Diploma in Interior Designing from University of Bombay in the year 1989. While studying Interiors, Sanjay used to work in his own family business of a garment shop, where he came across many people with different tastes and choices. This is what helped him in understanding new people, clients and their requirements and fulfilling their needs through his design. Established his firm in 1990; commitment to high quality has positioned Sanjay Newaskar among the leading Interior Designers’. The Portfolio boosts over 300 projects encompassing Residential, Healthcare, Commercial, Educational, Leisure and Architectural projects both commercial and residential. Mansi Newaskar (Principal Designer 2) - Sanjay Newaskar Designs LLP). Born in 1977 in Pune, Maharashtra, India; Mansi had hobblies like Sports, Dancing, Cooking, Designing garments, and Painting frames. She completed her graduation from SNDT College, Pune in the year 1998. After completing her graduation, Mansi began her career as an Assistant Interior Designer with Mr. Sanjay Newaskar. Having a good rapport and similar interests of Interior Design; Sanjay and Mansi got married in the year 1999. Our Approach To us Interior Design at its best is synthesis of its form and function. Attention to detail is what distinguishes a quality design project. Detail doesn’t only mean adding, it is also about knowing when to edit. We consider the design of a house, its architecture and Interiors as a work of art. The design concepts are contemporary, timeless and oblivious to trends. So we create style of living that provides a flexible environment of flowing well lit, inspirational spaces that can transform the way you live.