Quasi-Stellar Extraterrestrial Timepieces

DesignerTonis Leissoo
Prize2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

Quasi-Stellar QS17VB is the watch of the future. QS17VB is built using the most high-tech materials known today. Quasi-Stellar’s (quasars in short) are the brightest and most unreachable objects in space. Quasars consist of a supermassive black hole surrounded by an orbiting accretion of gas. The same concept is also used in the design of Quasi-Stellar watch. On the face of the watch, instead of regular watch hands you see the Gorilla glass disks with Superluminova markers on a Vantablack background. It makes the wearer feel as they are looking at a real black hole surrounded by glowing gas.