Fashion Without Borders

DesignerCityzen by Azin
Prize1st Place in Apparel Category / Garment Concepts
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Entry Description

Cityzen by Azin transforms aerial views of cities into 3D wearable art promoting a dialogue towards global Cityzenship merging fashion with social impact. The Cityzen bespoke apparel connects the heart and soul of the city with that of the body while raising awareness for various issues around the world. Form follows topography with mountains defining necklines, rivers meandering around the curves of the body, and roads marking transitions in a garment. It transports the wearer to another part of the world she loves or wants to impact. The Cityzen scarf is a universal piece of clothing that links women and men across the world sharing their commonality and respecting their differences. It provides a breathtaking perspective of the world and is accompanied by a recommendation list and a guide that celebrates each place through the 6 senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, scent and thought. Cityzen by Azin bridges the world one City and one Cityzen at a time.

About Designer

Cityzen by Azin is a fashion brand inspired by views of cities from above that brings our commonalities into focus while respecting our differences. It highlights the beauty of the earth and raises awareness of the challenges we face. The Cityzen by Azin scarves are universal articles of clothing that is shared by men and women of all ages, races and religions and are often created based on world events. The Cityzen bespoke clothing is designed organically from the landscapes where forms follow topography and connects the heart and soul of the consumer with a place they love most.