Paris Composition

DesignerRegina Kwok
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

As a world traveler, the owner of the residence frequents many oversea cities with his favorite location being Paris, France. In order to reflect his love, the design of the house revolves around the theme of France and the Eiffel Tower. The decorative wall in the living room utilities colors and lines that mirror the Eiffel Tower. The black and grey tones seen in the wallpaper create a metallic atmosphere akin to the building and the diagonal lines remind one of the design and foundation of the tower. Seeing as the owner does not spend a lot of time in Hong Kong or the residence, there were many rooms in the house that were used to create extra space for an open-plan kitchen. A simple and opened atmosphere was desired by the owner, yet the furniture contains brighter colors so not to make the rooms too cold or simplistic.

About Designer

Regina has more than 15 years of experience in interior design, working on a diverse range of projects including large residences, offices, and public spaces. A keen traveller, she is always in search of best boutique hotels and home-furnishing stores around the world. She obtained her Bachelor degree in the Interior Design (honor) from Swinbume of Technology University in Australia and has received a number of interior design awards.