Playster office

CompanyACDF Architecture
ClientMaxime-Alexis Frappier
DesignerMaxime-Alexis Frappier
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The architects proposed a vibrant chromatic pattern that reinvents the 18,000-square-foot space. Reminiscent of the company’s logo, the blocks of colour on the walls and the carpets create a strong visual impact. In their progression, the different shades define specific zones spreading in a fluid movement. The colours encourage team gatherings in the open space and stimulate a sense of belonging among the employees: each team has its own colour! The occupants can also easily shape their environment to their needs. ACDF’s open-plan workspace design adapts to small- group work sessions and to larger collaborative, and creative atmospheres. A white corridor was used to balance the strong identity of the colourful areas. Like a backbone, it connects meeting rooms and links the bright sections to one another. It functions as a place where one can catch his or her breath, contrasting with the lively vibe of the offices