Empty Parts Manufacturing Field - Lee Ji Eun Hair Styling Salon

CompanyJien-An Lai / Exakuan Space Design Co.,Ltd.
ClientJien-An Lai
DesignerJien-An Lai, Tsun-Yun Lin, Ming-Hsia Hsu and Jing-Ling Han
Prize3rd Place in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
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Entry Description

Everyone has a variety of hairstyles, has virtually provided a record of their own way of life, whenever you see the old photos in the hair, those past the time fragments will be awakened, the design team put forward the concept of empty parts, referring to those Because the hair pruning, and the disappearance of the hair volume, but also refers to, accompanied by the old hair is changed, those who are sealed in the memories of many life fragments, the concept was used as a space molding and atmosphere of the building. Time sense is the core of this design. The overall presentation of a slow or even static atmosphere, is to allow customers to relax and deeply feel every time they come here to get the change.

About Designer

Our design team is based in tianjin, China, and Taipei, Taiwan, to promote the design value of indoor and outdoor space. We always think and redefine the purpose of the use of space, so as to reconstruct the space conditions and explore the various states of function and beauty coexist to create a design that triggers emotional resonance. In practice, we will be dedicated to get rid of the bondage of the building for indoor space use, on the premise of respect for building its own bearing structure, flexible use of different space of originality and construction strategies to completely transform the original space, in order to satisfy the demands of all kinds of business and life.