RAYCOP RS2 Allergen Vacuum

ClientDr. Sungjin Lee
Prize2nd Place in Children Products / Health & Baby Care
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Entry Description

RAYCOP allergen vacuums remove 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses, as well as pollen and allergens produced by dust mites.RAYCOP’s patented RayClean Technology® is designed to eliminate microorganisms that can cause illnesses. Third party laboratory tests confirm that RAYCOP removes three times more allergens than a regular vacuum. Our vacuums include ultraviolet light to paralyze dust mites slowing down their ability to multiply and is proven to kill e-coli, staphylococcus bacteria and the H1N1 virus that have all been found in mattresses. RayClean Technology® also includes pulsating pads to loosen and lift particles, and optimized suction to avoid trapping fabrics like a regular vacuum is capable of. Additionally, each RAYCOP includes dual filtration with a HEPA filter to ensure allergens aren’t released back into the air.