ClientArmen Gharabegian
Prize1st Place in Media And Home Electronics / Robotics
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Entry Description

The world’s first autonomous robotic shading system, the SUNFLOWER, was created to keep users in the shade at all times. Mimicking a sunflower found in nature, the ShadeCraft SUNFLOWER follows the rotation of the sun from east to west as it absorbs sunlight for solar energy to power its features. Through the SUNFLOWER, ShadeCraft carries out its mission of connecting people to the smart home ecosystem outdoors. ShadeCraft’s app, SmartShade, acts as a portal for users to gain full control of the robotic shading system. Additional built-in features include a charging station, a lighting function and an entertainment system via speakers for music, which are all powered solely from solar energy. Furthermore, it has a multitude of sensors including cameras that store images and security data to provide safety to your surroundings. Its portability makes it a staple item to take on beach outings, camping trips and picnics.