LujiazuiShangyue Bay Phase I, Shanghai

CompanyJiang & Associates Creative Design
ClientFeng Jiang
DesignerJiang Feng
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
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Entry Description

The land history of Shangyue Bay can be traced back to the original site of the Shanghai shipyard in the 1860s, which still retains lots of old historical marks. How to combine the characteristics of this plot with the design concept has become the starting point of designer’s deliberation. The designer starts the design concept from sailing ships, and creates a commercial space with the flavor of the ship industry, enabling shoppers to feel the fashion and light luxury of shopping in the modern days as if they were on a cruise.

About Designer

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, J&A Jiang & Associates Design (former J & A Frank Jiang Design)has established its regional branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Wuhan..It boasts an international design team of more than five hundred employees with business covering shopping center, hotel and club, office space and public architecture to rail transport. Now, it extends to fields in architectural design, mechanical and electrical design, lighting design, furnishings design, graphic design and BIM design. For more than ten years, J & A has constantly focused on HOPSCA design, devoted to provide integrated and specialized solutions throughout the entire process of China's urbanization development. J&A善于运用国际思维结合本地特色,为每一个项目提供具有创意和商业考量的设计方案,以专业的设计手法和前瞻的行业洞察力,成为中国城市综合体设计引领者,与华润、万科、绿地、龙湖、和记黄埔、华为等众多知名发展商保持了良好的合作关系。 J&A is good at integrating international mindset with local characteristics to provide creative and commerce-concerned design plan for each project. Equipped with professional design techniques and prospective industry insight, it has become a leader in China's HOPSCA design and developed great cooperative relationships with China Resources, China Vanke, Greenland, Longfor, Hutchison Whampoa, Huawei and many other well-known developers.