Tile Slim

ClientYves Behar
Prize1st Place in Media And Home Electronics / Consumer electronics and cameras
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Entry Description

Everyone hates to lose their stuff. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that attaches to your items, sending a signal to the Tile network so you always know where it is. The value of Tile is clear, as we have all lost items of value such as electronics, clothing, or luggage, as well as the daily struggle of finding our keys, wallets and phones. Mere millimeters thick, Tile Slim easily tucks inside of your wallet, passport, notebook, or any flat item. The button in the center is embedded in the surface, and it wakes up the smartphone it’s connected to: when pressed, it will ring the phone to help in finding it. The thin white square is packed with a full-volume speaker, Bluetooth technology, and a battery that lasts for 12 months. A metallic silk-printed pattern across the surface gives the technology inside a dynamic quality and a branded personal touch.