ClientYves Behar
Prize2nd Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
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Entry Description

Cobalt is an indoor security robot, utilizing 60+ sensors to detect and report anomalies in the workplace. A fabric skirt hides technology equivalent to an autonomous vehicle, making the robot a friendly presence in the office. A human co-pilot, located offsite, is able to video in for human interactions and support when needed. The central motif of the Cobalt brand identity is around the balance of approachability and discretion, carried across from the design of the product. The logo highlights the ‘CO’ of Cobalt, as the collaboration between human and robot (co-robot) is core to the business. Fluid, continuous motion guided the design of the letterform in the logo. The delicate custom font is used in contrast to the traditional heaviness of robot companies. Cobalt stone and cobalt deep blue are the core brand colors, with the possibility to customize fabric colors to match interior décor and furniture.