My Passport

ClientYves Behar
Prize1st Place in Print / Packaging
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Entry Description

The new packaging for Western Digital’s My Passport reflects, thematically, the connecting of our physical world to our digital lives. The core visual element of the product is an intersection called the ‘Lifeline’ - a connecting line that joins its two halves. The packaging needed to carry this design through the entire customer journey, beginning with its on-shelf presence - standing out from the sea of blue and black in this industry. The My Passport product is photographed at a dynamic angle, with the ‘Lifeline’ extending as an energetic visual center for the box. Brighter colors provide differentiation, both for WD as a brand, and within their product hierarchy. An inner sleeve was also designed with a playful yet sophisticated drawing of the product, which leaves room for localization and graphic variation without obstructing the outer imagery. Inside, paper pulp is utilized for clean separation of parts without excess waste.