Children as key keepers, preserving heritage

DesignerPaul Mulder / Albert Buring
Prize2nd Place in Education / Public campaigns
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Entry Description

Nowadays, lots of churches in Groningen are abandoned. While the churches may not be in use in their original meaning, the buildings do form a part of our collective heritage. ”Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken" is a foundation that takes care of them and struggled with the question how to give the buildings new meaning in the lives of the people in the village. We believe we have found the answer: we gave the churches back to their most important inhabitants, the children. We literally gave them the key of the front door. And asked them to keep it. They became key keepers.  This led to an exciting game for schoolchildren, designed to educate about the history of their church in order for them to see the value of their heritage. The children have to work together in and around the church to find answers. Ultimate goal is to unlock the game church.

About Designer

212 Fahrenheit is a creative agency from Groningen, The Netherlands

Awards and Prize

2015: Finalist European Design Award, Istanbul 2016: Winner Silver European Design Award, Vienna 2016: Winner Silver International Design Award 2016: Winner Bronze International Design Award 2016: Winner Honorable Mention International Design Award 2016: Winner Reddot Award, Berlin 2017: Winner SilverInternational Design Award 2017: Winner German Design Award, Frankfurt 2017: Winner German Design Award, Frankfurt