IP S16 Bathroom Lamp

DesignerBonnelycke mdd
Prize2nd Place in Illumination / Bathroom Lighting
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Entry Description

The IP S16 is designed to be used in bathrooms, either as single lamps or in a row. The IP S16 is based on LED technology, and is an up and down wallwasher. The extruded aluprofile is designed so the lower light source is set back to avoid glare. The IP S16 is extendable. With every lamp comes a connector to connect the next lamp to the first an be able to form one long endless lamp. The IP S16 is also designed so only one power outlet is needed, even when connecting in a row. These options and off course the discreet but distinct design also makes the IP S16 very useful in other applications than bathrooms.

About Designer

Bønnelycke mdd was established in 1988. Bønnelycke mdd is a multi disciplinary design company with both national and international experience. We are perfectionists with professional curiosity. We provide a wide variety of design disciplines encompassing architecture and interior design, furniture design and product design to communication assignments, graphic design and web design. At Bønnelycke mdd we do not design for the sake of it. We believe that design does not hold any values per se. To us, the value of a design emerges when a product has relevance and when it is purchased, used and appreciated - this is why we design.