DesignerSebastián Rial, Federico Senociaín
Prize3rd Place in Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules
Entry Description

The table has always been a fundamental support for collective construction. From m2 to m3, the working plane is now transformed into a volume that generates spaces and unique atmospheres. Mut. Redefines the table, improving its performance, transforming it into a tool that maximizes the dynamics of contemporary work. Its components have been developed to enhance the processes of exchange, giving support to various activities and forms of relationship.   The system is integrated by green separators, luminaires, and surfaces, configurable by each user according to their needs.

About Designer

We are a Design Agency, specialized in furniture design, based in Montevideo. We operate on the border between architecture and design, developing products and offering solutions in design and management.

Awards and Prize

Bronze IDA International Design Award 2017 - Los Angeles EEUU - Producto: MUT Silver A´ Design Award 2017 - Milán Italia - Producto: MUT Platinum A´ Design Award 2016 - Milán Italia - Producto: Banco A´ Design Award 2015 - Milán Italia - Producto: Dominó Selección Salão Design 2014 - RS Brasil - Producto: Modular