MORIMOTO - The Debut Collection

DesignerSasivimol Sinthawanarong
Prize2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
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Entry Description

Brand Concept “senses, unnoticed” Morimoto redefines how the world sees and experiences objects in a deep perspective. As a brand we believe in life and its surrounding have its own hidden aesthetic and mysterious story. Those elements should be discovered and re-told. As such, we design our objects and any single piece of product in an honest and thoughtful ways Synopsis The design portrays a feeling of objects that react and communicate with its surrounding through authentic and honest materials selected. This wood collective design is moving between the rational and the intuitive. It is this interchangeability in the context of simplicity yet distinctiveness. Behind its apparent simplicity the debut collection is all masterpiece. Every single design is crafted from a carefully selected log of wood kept secret for years, a very special wood that deserves unique treatment by the designers. This collection resonate rich echoing celebration of life and convey abundances of past, present and future