Building Democracy in Bhutan

Prize2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

The project is located at educational city in Bhutan which is a small_landlocked country between India and China. The country is currently going through an historic transformation from monarchy to a constitutional democracy. The project was intended to respond to their public needs for open media and education of democracy. Thus, the building represents “Democracy” as well as provides space for communication and education as a “Media Center”. Democracy comes from individuals and density of opinions. Each column coming from their traditional prayer’s flag represents the value of individuals. Each column point flocks into the program cores with a different intensity. Through algorithmic relations, the level of inside landscape floor is varied following the density of columns. The lines connecting points become structure of floor and roof. The density of perforated openings on roof is also varied according to the inside logic. All building elements operate simultaneously as one parametric buildings system. It creates a space for a specific program with different density of field. Space would be differentiated and identified through the filed of building elements. This system is flexible to be applied to any mountainous landscapes in Bhutan because all design is generated from the simple contour lines of existing landscape. The building is “democracy” itself which works for any country and any people.

About Designer

Master of Architecture GSAPP, Columbia University