Contemporary art center

Prize1st Place in Interior Design
Entry Description

"Red Line" Property intended for redevelopment is - a production area of the oldest weaving factory 19 Th century the city of Moscow in Russia. This territory is the part of "Danilovskaya Manufactory" complex 1867 year. The task of Art center's designing was to introduce a man in special atmosphere, where the perception of contemporary art would occur most naturally. "Red Line" - the basis of conceptual solutions. It meets a visitor at the area whole complex of manufactory's entrance, then it leads to the Art center's entrance, then "penetrates" into the interior. There is already saturated, selecting the public zone, directs a visitor, and practically disappears for clear impression of exhibition or performance. This line passes through the whole complex, changing the functions and materials. It is a long bench at the entrance, then it rises up like a light structure, forming an arched entrance, passes to the outside wall of the concert hall, then goes directly to the red glass entrance with the logo of the center, and develops in the interior. From the reception it shares like light lines on the two parts of the art complex, turning then to the wardrobe racks, the bookstore's cash counter, the restaurant's bar. It moves almost continuously, jumping from the ceiling on the wall, like a light line, running along the floor, rising, turning into a piece of furniture, somewhere it is small color accents. "Red Line" served as a conceptual solution. It allows to combine different by structure and purpose spaces into a single organism, resolves the communicative function, organizes rhythmic composition, which became the dominant Art center's style-sign. This project provides for the reconstruction the part of the Danilovskaya manufactory and the conversion of two buildings and adjacent areas in a single Art center. The five-story building with a grid of columns is arranged for art galleries and a bookstore with a cafe on the 1st floor. Building with a high 15-meter ceiling becomes a concert hall, a restaurant with access to the art park and a lecture. These two buildings are united by built a small illuminated space, which becomes the main entrance, where the reception zone is located. This new space has formed a beautiful long courtyard in front. "The Red line" is used like a navigator in this new structure. The project materials and designs have become part of the Art center's concept. Theatrical nature of the project is showing up by the contrast between old architecture, which is used bricks and concrete, and new elements. The project uses new materials and technologies, such as a system of LED displays (the concert hall's back, huge digital information and billboard at the exterior), various kinds of PVC, Corian Du Pont, diode lighting, and so forth. The old part of the complex reconstructing, finishing is only decorative and practical. This project was presented as a diploma project at the Stroganov Moscow Art-Industrial University, it received an excellent with plus (A+). And also was awarded first prize like the best interior diploma in the Contest for the best diploma in 2009 at Russia.