iON USB Turntable Converts

Prize2nd Place in Print / Print Advertising
Entry Description

The idea behind this campaign is to explain how easy it is to convert vinyls to mp3's by using iON's USB turntable. I compare that to how hard it was for famous music artists to convert to different religions. It takes life changing events for people to convert religions but it takes almost nothing to convert vinyls to mp3's.

About Designer

Hi, my name is Derek Heinze and I love to imagine, create, and inspire. I live in Dallas, Texas and I'm an Art Direction major at Texas A&M- Commerce. If I'm not at work or school, you'll always find me spending time with family and friends, traveling, and exploring as many new things as possible. I figure if I'm happy in life then my art will reflect that. I hope to one day be able to completely immerse myself into the art world. Everyday I learn how much more I love to create and its calling to me to use it to help others in need all around the world. I don't have it all figured out but I guess it's all a part of growing up. If anything, I have learned that being positive and persistent will get you further than you could ever imagine. Let's see where it takes us. Cheers : )