Pattern to Pattern

DesignerDennis Cheung
Prize3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Landscape
Entry Description

Mumbai, being the densest city in the world, suffers from a lack of public space for the majority of the population, whose habitations are found in the slum area. Substandard hygiene and over packed living environment are common in the regions. Yet it was the same high density that yields vibrancy to the city. Seeing these, patterns of activities observed in the squatter area were documented and studied. A system of infrastructure is designed with a layer of patterned openings which allows pegs to be pulled out from the ground at different heights. This infrastructure is imposed in the ground. The choices of heights correspond to the activities that users of the area mainly do. In order to increase the degree of control towards the activities happening in the site, a series of optimization study was done against the ratio between openings and ground, such that a design that strikes a balance between users’ wishes and architects’ intentions emerged.

About Designer

Born in Hong Kong, Dennis Cheung received his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Hong Kong in 2009. He is currently working in Tokyo and will continue his master studies in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Fall2010.