STAPLES Packaging

Prize3rd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

American corporations have been changing for the past 10 years. The office environment has changed drastically from a confined grey cubicle to a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing place that enhances employees' productivity as well as their satisfaction. Nowadays, a large number of people work right from their own home offices and experience difficulties finding office supplies that serve their needs, yet don't remind them of the old cubic work station. This new age of office environments turns to Staples, one of the biggest global office suppliers, to update its identity, environmental graphics, packaging, and products. Staples satisfies the demand for more sophisticated, fresh, yet graphically, and effectively packaged office products. This is the perfect opportunity for Staples to take the lead and set itself apart from its competitors by advancing towards sustainability. The redesign of the Staples brand offers a solution in which professional needs meet personal touch. The new Staples packaging engages the tactual senses of users. The redesign encourages users to interact with the package's debossed and embossed patterns. Innovative functions minimize excess material waste after the products are removed. In the strife towards sustainability, Staples combines the use of earth-friendly materials and alternative manufacturing processes. Sugarcane bagasse and recycled pulp, recently used as food container, are applied into the modern packaging materials for their eco-friendly characteristic. With the adopted pulp molding and thermoforming, Staples packaging are enhanced with unique textures that capture the user touch.