Rebuilding what was TORN APART

Prize3rd Place in Print / Annual Reports
Entry Description

An annual report for Habitat For Humanity, an organization that aims to rebuild shattered homes and shelter the homeless. Families and lives are torn apart due to natural disasters and man made crises. This is the message that is being conveyed to readers when they tear apart the initially perfect packaging and pages in the book which then becomes 'destroyed'. Readers will thus empathise with the victims of the catastrophes. The whole design is in 2C to minimise printing costs as Habitat is a non-profit organisation and concurrently create an atmosphere that has minimal distractions when one reads the report. The drawings are sketchy and organic whereas the single type used is simple and clean, this generates a contrast within the layout. The designer hopes that the annual report would help readers be more conscious of the circumstances of the beneficiaries.

About Designer

I’m a 3rd year student in Temasel Design School and majoring in Illustration. I have been drawing from as young as I can remember and I don’t have a favourite colour. I don’t have a particular style because I love trying out new stuff each time I embark on a project. I believe in hardwork and loving our earth. I’m a vegetarian because I believe in making a difference:)