Signage for IKEA

DesignerConnie Ong
Prize2nd Place in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays
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Entry Description

This is a school assignment where I had to redesign the signage for lifestyle retail store, IKEA. I had to come up with a 8-way directional symbol system, as well as 12 symbols for various signage uses in the store. I designed the symbols in a way to corporate fresh new ideas into the system, and at the same time to suit IKEA's current image and graphic style. Thus, the colours yellow and blue were kept as the only colours used, other than white. I was inspired by some of the memorable furniture items I have seen around IKEA and tried to incorporate them into the symbols. And the final direction symbol shown here is inspired by the clock-shelf, slightly tweaked around, stylized, and repeated for a pattern to indicate the 8 directions. For the symbols, I adopted a simplistic style to accompany the directional symbol which looks rather more bold and heavier. The one-line and circular style keeps things minimal while the black solid fills on certain parts of the symbol puts its message across more quickly and efficiently. When applied with colours on the signage, the fills are yellow in colour and stand out even more for people to comprehend.

About Designer

I am a current design student from Temasek Design School, Year 2, pursuing my Diploma in Visual Communication. I take interest and passion in art and design, especially in graphics, illustrations and also photography. Though I\'m still a student, I would always continue learning and experimenting in these areas to improve myself and get to appreciate and look at other people\'s works as well.