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ETISALAT DUBAI MALL : 130 sq.mtrs The Design brief: Having successfully designing 7 outlets based on the Dubai Festival City store, Etisalat allowed us to create a flagship Etisalat centre in Dubai Mall. The client specified that new outlet had to elevate the current design and make an even bolder brand statement with cutting edge design. The solution: The Etisalat Dubai Mall retail outlet explored the realm of using biomorphic fluid architectural detail like it was never done before in the region. Pioneering this elementary mode of aesthetic brand development, every aspect of this creation originated on paper, was developed substantially from the clients brand ideology and detailed to elevate and reinstate their position as technological pioneers in the region. Our contest to outdo ourselves began by us working our fluid design language of Etisalat interior to flow upstream instead of the standard detail of what we’ve already done. Having specified their mandatory requirements within the retail space, we proceeded to craft various elements such as the “quick – E” workstations, the freestanding displays, the branded visual aid and the wall mounted display units from their corporate identity. Inspired by their corporate identity, the freestanding displays grew from fluid lines at the base of the floor into crystal glass tops that displayed their products. The wall mounted displays were drawn from biomorphic lines resembling their logo all the while being complimented by the fusion and LED etched glass walls on either side of the store. Technology being part of the concept, each mobile display was connected to a wireless device and randomly displayed product information on the large screen when a consumer picked it up. The concealed storage room that is within the oval designed unit is home to a seamless 5x5 plasma wall that would convey their new offers, corporate material or spontaneous shopping deals within the mall. The column: being an existing structural part of the Etisalat Dubai Mall site that we had to work around. We embraced the gargantuan necessity and developed it into an Alfred Johnson original. Working off the biomorphic aesthetic language that we wrote for the brand, we created a visionary element fusing fluid lines, handcrafted GRP and cove LED’s that worked the structural necessity of the column into a brand evolved essential. Success & highlights: Etisalat having had commercial success from our initial design gave us the opportunity to create a flagship brand oriented environment that conventionally destroys the expectation of an brand experience store. The blend of new age design with technology provided the environment with a perspective that communicated to their loyal clientele that they are indeed market leaders in telecommunications.

About Designer

Being an interior designer and with a passion for unusual luxury, I founded Alfred Johnson as a brand to enable us to provide our astute clientele with more than just a space to live in and work in.