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Briefing analogy Time has passed quickly as when we know that the CD barely imagined a few years later we would have the DVD and after the Blue Ray, ONU’s researches shows that in the year 2050 it is estimated that 74% of the population will be in urban areas, this demonstrates that the search for better living conditions will be paramount to humans, things like best places to improve their studies, best places to work and get a better social status, among others. Imagine your home in 2050 where the trend will be increasingly smaller places, you’ll need useful and practical products which occupy the smallest space possible and range you in your busy life in a healthy and environmentally friendly, because the world is undergoing major changes and concerns in relations to nature, which is now given warning in the future will be a personal importance of each individual. With all the changes that occur and especially the difficulty of social life, you’ll need more practicality and quality. If you arrived now at your home in 2050, what would you like to eat? Something faster, yeah, now you have to study or finish some details of your work at home, but what about running away from junk foods and eat grandma's lasagna that just she knows how cook it, or the pie cooked your mother that you adore. I bet you're mouth-watering now! At this time you will think: "I can cook, but it will take my time and still not be like the food of my beloved grandma or mother." And comes the question: WHAT I’LL DO? HOW CAN I EAT SOMETHING TASTY AND QUICK? The concept Everything around us is made of a specific molecule junction, cars are made of molecules, peoples are made of molecules, computers are made of molecules and MEALS ARE MADE OF MOLECULES. Thinking in this context becomes the following idea: If we could scan perfectly the molecules of the lasagna cooked by your grandma or our mother's pie and reproduce a perfect copy of its flavor in our home? Based on the principle that all spices food joints are formed by specific molecules that have this as a basis some specifics numbers of molecules of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, was developed the product concept called by "Home Sweet Home" that performs the scanning of molecules present in a specific food, reproducing the perfect combination of it on your plate at home doing only the use of existing elements in the air, such molecules of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. How it works The product has some types of foods stored in its memory, but you can even customize these foods or use the food that your grandmother prepared for you. When your grandma put the product near of the food’s plate, the product will stretch around a part of the plate and on top, identify the size of the surface through its sensor of location and movement and will make the tracking and positioning of the molecules of lasagna, after this process the product back to its normal shape and your grandma will send to your "Home Sweet Home" Profile with the menu of holographic display in the product a delicious lasagna, she can make a video recording or a calling to your profile that will show her in 3D image or in normal touch screen display through the capture of images obtained by nano cameras located across the black area of the product. When your grandma send the message or a calling you will receive the warning message in your "Home Sweet Home" that features a new kind of food in your "Home Sweet Home" Profile, after positioning the product next to a plate, the product will stretch to the side and on the dish, will trace the dimensions of the plate and create from your body a protective gel cover which starts the process of combining molecules present in that limited space to form the delicious lasagna as your grandma had taken it from the oven. After the formation of lasagna on the plate the product back to its normal shape automatically without any kind of dirt, since the formation of molecules lasagna is bounded to specific coordinates, which does not characterize it as a teleportation, but in a chemical creation with available elements in the environment which we live. Design inspiration The forms of the product "Home Sweet Home" follow lines of a typical Brazilian animal, the snake called by Sucuri/Anaconda (Eunectes murinus), this reference was followed by the fact that it engage their food before eating it, which is the proposed of the product where the user is constantly involved with it making your life more quick and easy. Ecological aspects With 74% of world population living in urban areas, supposedly 26% of world population will live in rural areas and therefore this part of the population can not fully meet the urban population and what will be offered can be very expensive. The product "Home Sweet Home" may thus provide for their consumers the food as it really would be obtained in the rural area from the absorption of basic molecules in the air, thereby reducing the ecological impacts such as the creation of cattle (greenhouse effect), deforestation, overfishing, among others. More than this the “Home Sweet Home” has an automatic recharging power trhough the ambient light. Other functions The product has features such as viewing hours, Internet access via hologram with the option of choosing the menu by touch in the air and voice calls in 3D video. Compact for transport The "Home Sweet Home" can be easily carried by the user on his wrist, lengthening the product on your forearm as he likes. This feature helps to users who want to take the product for their work so they can have lunch with their food preference, and expose the product as a fashion design accessory.

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Bruno Oro is brazilian product designer. He trained under the guidance of acknowledged professors and researchers such as Bauhaus Professor Karl Schawelka. Bruno's projects have been published in many countries: China, Spain, USA, Brazil, Italy, France, Hong kong, and in different medias like magazines, newspapers, websites, and TV shows. As an outstanding young professional, he brings along knowledge in Business Market on Product, Graphic and Interior Design.

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