Morphology Vision

DesignerSI KIM
Prize1st Place in Accessory
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Entry Description

My MA collection was inspired by the different shapes present in nature, like for example the swirling shape of a seashell with its intricate pattern and texture. Or the fine detail in the eye of an insect, or the pattern left by the wind on the desert sand. All these things we see, but not necessarily pay any attention to the continuity and the flow of these patterns. And then the stark contrast between that and the hard lines and angles in geometry and man made structures. My collection is influenced by contemporary art, but also by some traditional art forms such as origami.

About Designer

I graduated MA Fashion Artefact course 2010 and produced a Couture Handbag collection for the MA project. My original background is not fashion but Art. I started to study Art when I was 14 years old and have learned many forms of art since then. While attending a BA Fine Arts course I was mainly focused on Contemporary Art... but even thought by then i was experianced and exposed to many different forms of art, I couldn't find the right form I could express myself fully... When I first time saw Alexander Mc Queen's Haute Couture.. I realised this is the one form I have been looking for many many years... which is Couture Fashion, another type of Art..