DesignerOlga Epikhina
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

‘HealthPals’ Healthpals is a ’parasitic‘ wearable health monitoring system. It is called ’parasitic‘ while all the health monitoring sensors are powered by micro generators that harvest warmth and vibrations from the human body and turn them into electricity. The system doesn't require any external sources of energy. Nowadays hospitals move towards minimizing the time a patient spends in the hospital. Patients are being released earlier, but the requirement to monitor their health until they have sufficiently recovered remains. The parasitic health monitoring offers adaptive, real-time, continuous and non-invasive healthcare for home and out-of-hospital environments. The system provides unobtrusive distant monitoring of patients with chronic diseases and postoperative patients (which, among others, include patients with heart diseases, sleep disorders, hypertension, epilepsy, post-stroke treated patients etc.) and allows them to freely move and take part in the social life. Healtpals health monitoring set consists of several elements: A bracelet and a ring equipped with SPO2 sensor, temperature and a blood pressure sensor. ’Headphones‘ equipped with EEG sensors for brainwave monitoring. A collar equipped with ECG sensors for heart monitoring, accelerator and a breathing sensor. Another ECG sensor can be placed on the chest for more precise ECG data collection. The devices send all the data retrieved from the sensors onto the ’personal server‘ (the patient’s Smartphone or personal computer) via Bluetooth, which, in turn, sends it through WIFI to the medical server to be analysed by the doctors. At that point, doctors will be able to decide whether or not it is the case to call up the patient for a checkup, or determine that the post-surgery process is satisfactory, and the patient can keep living normally, taking his daily activities, seeing friends and so on. Each piece of the set is equipped with a vibration energy harvester, a thermoelectric generator and a capacitor for energy storage. The generators would harness body heat and vibration and use it to power each device. The sustainable nature of the concept is connected to the energy harvesting. The device is unplugged from ususal power generating resources, it literally doesn’t run out of power. It also doesn’t drain the resources of the ‚host ‚ since the owner doesn’t need to apply any extra effort to power the system.The ’behavioral change aspect‘ is achieved both by allowing the patient the freedom of urban movement, and by cancelling the necessity of recharging, making the user perceive his own 'wasted' energy in a different way.

About Designer

A student of Köln International School of design (in Cologne Germany, about to get an MA degree), originally come from Moscow Russia. Did exchange years in Politechnico di Milano in Milan and Konstfack University in Stockholm. Studied linguistics in Moscow before moving to Germany.