KEFTY Home Gym

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About The Product Simply KEFTY, a note from the Nick Musachio, the inventor of the KEFTY™ KEFTY is an exercise device, but it also embodies a design philosophy. We worked very hard to design a clean, quality product that will last many years. The device you are holding in your hands was no accident. It is the embodiment of a design philosophy. In designing this device we followed and combined these principles. Stronger, lighter lower cost, simpler, smaller, beautiful, greener, healthier, and accessible. They all interact with each other, leaving simply: KEFTY. We think you will see and feel the difference. Stronger: The tubing we chose for KEFTY’s frame is made of high impact polymers that are incredibly light and incredibly strong. I actually ran the tubing over with my car and the tubing turned oval shape, but did not collapse. Lighter: We could have chosen metal, but that would have significantly added to the weight of the device. KEFTY weighs 4.4 lbs. Compare that to any home gym. Lower cost: The simplicity of the device significantly lowers labor costs. The lightness lowers shipping costs. The use of polymers lowers energy costs since metals use much more energy. Most home gyms have to ship hundreds of pounds as compared to the KEFTY, which consists of 4 lbs. of American made polymers. It may be fair to reason that more energy goes into transporting a 300 lb home gym from China to your home, than manufacturing and shipping a KEFTY. Simpler: Many hours went into creating a spare, clean design – behold. 14 parts in all. Keep it simple, stupid was our design philosophy number one. My neighbor bought a home gym years ago. Her husband, an engineer, and his engineer friend spent 8 hours trying to assemble it. They finally gave up and had someone else assemble it. KEFTY, by the nature of it’s simplicity, assembles with no tools in minutes. Smaller: The main reason you will like KEFTY is its size. Its size was determined by looking at human factor charts and determining which size accommodates 98% of the population and wheelchairs. But really, KEFTY is incredibly small compared to home gyms and that’s what people like. Beautiful: Above all, it is personally important that the device be beautiful. That is why we chose a higher price material and a deep vibrant color. If you look at plastics, you will notice that they often have a ugly washed out appearance. That’s what we didn’t want. But here is where the simple aesthetic also creates beauty. Greener: By manufacturing in the USA and not using heavy metals, the carbon footprint of KEFTY is incredibly small. Although KEFTY should last a lifetime, the frame could be ground up and reused tomorrow. Healthier: Sadly, many plastics contain many bad things. Did you know that it is legal to add lead to plastic? Lead actually makes bad plastic mold better and more cheaply. But that’s not KEFTY. That is why we use RoHS standard plastics. A strict European standard. BPA , lead, cadmium, all these things are common in plastics. Our cords are solid rubber, also latex-free. Safer: We also feel that KEFTY is safer to use than weight based machines or free weights, which can fall and injure the user. KEFTY’s tension always starts at zero resistance and builds to maximum resistance, then reverses back down to zero resistance. KEFTY has a built in brake mechanism. The bar always stops at its starting place. Accessable: KEFTY was designed using what are called Human Factors. We designed the device so that over 98% of the population can use the device. Even if you are 6 foot seven inches tall it is likely that KEFTY will challenge your physique and give you a good workout. Additionally, KEFTY is designed to accommodate use in wheelchairs. Additionally, the oversized grip of KEFTY, not only has a nicer feel, but makes grasping easier for everyone, and it is finger nail friendly. KEFTY is also specially made in differing resistances for differing purposes. Special therapy cords are much lower resistance than the standard cords. So, that’s our KEFTY. We can’t wait for you to begin your fitness journey today.