Stanislavsky Factory Book

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Entry Description

The Stanislavsky Factory book is the result of more than two years of rigorous development. It was conceived to support the launch of the Stanislavsky Factory Business Centre in Moscow, as well as to celebrate and to preserve the thoughts and work of one of the most progressive individuals of the past — Konstantin Stanislavsky. As a consequence, the Stanislavsky Factory book project is an act of binding of two parallel stories — i.e. Alekseyev running a factory and Stanislavsky performing at the theatre (Stanislavsky was Konstantin Alekseyev's stage name) — into a beautifully produced object. It is about art, graphic design, philosophy, and pure emotion. Building a bespoke team for this project allowed individuals to use their personal vision and expertise to provide richer experience for the reader. From the technical point of view, the construction of the book is a minor revolution. It forces the reader to oscillate from a passive spectator to an active participant, while making collages out of spreads and finding visual links throughout different pages. In this way, the Stanislavsky Factory book aims to change common expectations from a publication. While it is true that the Stanislavsky Factory book presents some pragmatic aspects (such as an identity mark), a creative approach behind the project can be seen in the overall narrative and materiality of the book itself.