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In the norm, an institution library usually terms as quiet, silence and serious environment and I was, be honest, always fell to sleep before reading. We, however, like to take this library to a reversed direction. We want to break these conventions library and introduce a radical learning for the new generation. As nowadays, library is a place for fun collaboration learning rather quiet learning. We have therefore lifted the idea of “playful,” concept and introducing “color shape the form “as design element, bringing across to the entire space This library engaged total of 4 storeys with 43,000 sqft. The level 2 meant for multi activities floor such as event hall, discovery & new release corridor, café bar and the entrance was received with a school history hall and reception counter as well as a 24 hour library is specially designed for students. The level 3 is to cater for the group collaboration learning floor, group meeting areas, I Mac lab as double use as teaching class. Priority aim of education nowadays is learning through interaction, challenges and group collaboration as the motivation for taking responsibility for one’s own development. There is also a very engaging AV entertainment room provided. The level 4 floor is to offer a much more privacy learning, private discussion rooms. Quiet & cozy learning setting, we have proposed an outdoor environment. With ample sunlight penetrate in and leisure reading under the trees. The gazebo is just at aside. Knowledge transfer takes place sustainably and enjoyably. Level 5 is to reflect the notion that learning should not be confined in the conventional environment. The design philosophy for the school evolved outdoor concept of seamless learning environment. This entire floor was planned for converting to any usage such as, exam or seminar. Every floor furnished with Photocopies service and the entire were equipped with Wi-Fi and lap top user friendly. Apart from proposed out of the ordinary space usage, we introduced different way seating such as benches, platform seating, bean bags, high and very low seating. Creating every space with its own character and strong color expression that brings the environment to alive and energetic. To create an inspiring environment for creativity learning with its use of the various space rich in form, light and color. Full of fresh ideas and innovative trends with new evolution of education need, in & out door seamless environment with bold playful content and connotation. The state of the art facilities combined with dramatic environment will ensure the school complements. The idea is to provide students more than a normal library but an endless exploration, playful, curiosity, discovery and informative library. Preparing the academy of Today for the learner of tomorrow....................