DesignerYves Behar, Qin Li, Noah Murphy Reinhertz, Gabe Lamb, Bret Recor, fuseproject
Prize1st Place in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
Entry Description

Jawbone ICON The fifth generation Jawbone Bluetooth headset is smaller, packed with more technology and is easier to wear. Named Jawbone ICON, this release also introduces an unprecedented suite of choices for greater self-expression. Jawbone ICON is the first device to launch with six completely unique shield designs. More like a cast of characters in a movie than a line of products, each design has a jewelry-like presence. We didn’t just make a headset that comes in different colors; we built an adaptive platform that tells a story through the use of color, texture and software that creates new personas. The designs create a palette of “cultural icons.” They range from the masculine to the feminine, but all have crossover appeal. - The Rogue is a two part shield that has a red tinted acrylic lens, with a smoky mirror finished backer that causes color depth and subtle highlights to radiate through the lens. - The Ace combines a clear lens with a mirror finish. It reflects the surrounding environment; so the headset seems to disappear. - The Bombshell’s gentle waves are modeled into the plastic, with a satin non-conductive metallic coating bonded to the surface, giving it a shimmer like expensive gold silk. - The Thinker has a symmetrical conic pattern repeated over the entire surface, it’s technical surface reflects a neutralized complexity, - The Catch’s two square pillows, finished in a proprietary pearly white applied in a four step process is both elusive and mysterious. - The Hero is made of a minimalist architectural pattern of embossing, in dark concrete-like texture. Along with the beautiful aesthetics of the ICON, it features never-before-seen technological advancements. The headset comes with the groundbreaking Jawbone NoiseAssasin 2.5, an update that further blocks out background noise and blocks wind for clear, uninterrupted sound. Completely new to Bluetooth headsets is the ability to customize the functionality and personality of the headset technology. With apps from MyTALK, a browser based updater, you can change the voice that conveys important information like battery life or Caller ID. MyTALK also offers 3 international language versions. For consumers who appreciate high-end design with no compromise technology for a killer value, ICON is the lowest priced Jawbone ever.