ENVIE Crème Brûlée Set

CompanyJoy Lin
Prize2nd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

Awaken your inner chef and prepare a crème brûlée dish worth bragging about. The contrasting layers of cold, creamy custard and hot, caramelized brown sugar tease your senses and keep them begging for another bite. With fresh ingredients, butane, and your Envie set, you can create this bistro-worthy delicacy in the comforts of your own kitchen. Envie’s premium packaging is constructed out of red oak and features a unique rotational opening ceremony. Products will be stored in layers, with the top layer containing the butane hand torch and whisk, and the bottom layer containing the four 2-oz ramekins. The top half simply pivots outwards to allow access to the products within. Transparent windows give potential buyers a glimpse through the layers at the set’s contents at point of sale.

About Designer

I activate the full potential of brands through intelligent, intentional design.