Musical Grammar

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

“Musical Grammar” interprets systems taken from compositions by Mozart, Schillinger and Bach. I transformed the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations into narratives according to structures provided by my chosen musical systems. Musical universes were built and then “unplayed” back into the pages of three different books, the sizes and forms of which had been decided by deep study of my reappropriated musical rules. The result was a 3 x 3 metre installation. My books were presented on, and as, dramatically constructed shelves with three videos back projected onto them. The performative force of moving image and the scale of this installation made from seemingly “humble” books provided an initial attraction, yet closer inspection drew the audience to the details – the differing narratives, the presentation of footage edited by different systems, the texture and craft of print. And yet after presentation, these humble books resumed their place on the shelves waiting to be picked up by readers.