Orion Luggage Hermès

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Entry Description

Extremely ergonomic travelling companion has exceptional functional and aesthetic qualities. Its brushed anodised aluminium shell, the interior surface of which is reinforced with carbon and Kevlar, provide unparalleled resistance to wear and tear. The luggage is subtly highlighted with two natural cowhide handles – an unmistakable reference to the Hermès travel world. The bag’s technical allure elegantly contrasts with the sensuality of its interior, cased entirely in leather. Its two handles allow for it to be carried horizontally or vertically, whilst its multidirectional wheels make for incredible ease of use.

About Designer

Gabriele Pezzini, Italian designer born in Charleroi (B) in 1963, his artistic education, the Art Institute and then the ISIA (High School of Artistic Industrie) in Florence, constantly bring him towards experimentation. He is interested in issues regarding industrialization, and in 1991 is among the members of the international designers’ team in the French company Allibert, where he works and becomes a design manager until 1997. In 1999 he opens his own studio in Milan, goes back to research projects, and for several years conceives and organizes exhibitions that allow him to elaborate on his analyses and theories on perception and cross-contamination of daily-life objects. He collaborates with Italian and international companies and has taught in several universities. Since 2005 he collaborate with Maison Hermès, as designer and design expert. Recently present with Enzo Mari in Paris, CHE FARE exhibition, and published the book Meteorite about design process.

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