Overpopulation, the Complexity

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Entry Description

The complexity of overpopulation is ingrained with politics, ideology, and fear which has allowed the controversy to overshadow the facts. Without a clear vision, solutions are derailed, goals are politicized, and the problem continues to intensify. "Overpopulation, the Complexity" is an exhibit that demonstrates the controversial obstacles that dominate the complex issues that plague Africa and India. To get to the facts (located in the map on the far wall), the viewer must navigate through a series of over-sized banners that represent the controversy.

About Designer

Currently, I am a first year graduate student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I view graphic design as the voice of positive change. This field is filled with so many opportunities to solve the social, cultural, and environmental issues plaguing our communities. In my design process, I draw from my life experience, technical background, and my love of Swiss Graphic Design. My goal is to find the truth and communicate it in an engaging yet straightforward way.

Awards and Prize

Graduate Program Director