Botanical Bakery Package Desig

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Entry Description

A complete rebrand of the Botanical Bakery brand of buttery gourmet shortbread cookies from Napa Valley. The goal was to capture the spirit and joy of creating these delicious indulgences with the packaging. The "smiling leaf lips" enbodied the personality we sought while enabling us to "color the lips" into different colors for the different flavors. The playful colors leap off the shelf.

About Designer

David Brier is an award-winning designer and branding specialist who is the recipient of over 320 international awards for his work for a wide variety of clients in the food, lifestyle, tourism and B2B categories. Clients include New York City Ballet, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Legacy Chocolates, Botanical bakery, Vao Vao Chocolates and others. David is also the author of Defying Gravity & Rising Above the Noise and a Fast Company expert blogger. Driven by custom typography and and very intricate designs, David's work has helped to revive ailing brands and breathe new life into stagnant ones.

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